The Ian-Bent font is a very pretty drop caps font patterned after a German Art Nouveau font drawn by Otto Eckmann. You'll find a full all-caps alphabet here of characters surrounded by stained glass-patterns. The versions that have been tested and uploaded are PostScript Type 1 and TrueType versions for both Macintosh and PC. No other platforms are supported. PC versions were installed tested by your advocate Eileen Wharmby before they were posted in that version.Ian-Bent is a very complex, therefore memory-hungry font. I have been able to get the whole font to print on my 3 MB NEC PostScript printer, but not usually more than about 15 characters of the font before the printer requests me to do certain impossible things with my anatomy. Be careful. Any problems you have with printing or displaying this font are due to memory limitations and are not my fault, given this caveat. Hey, the guys who made up the specifications for scaleable fonts were REALLY, REALLY strict.The Ian-Bent font is copyright (c) 1992 by David Rakowski. All Rights Reserved. It is distributed free of charge for personal use. You may give copies to your friends, provided all the files originally in this archive, including the Readme, are included. Commercial distribution is specifically, expressly PROHIBITED. User groups and nonprofit organizations may include this font on their nominal charge disks, providing the readmes are included. Distribution, other than in the USA, of this font is also prohibited, without exception. International copyright secured.The Ian-Bent font comes to you, rather altruistically, from Insect Bytes, where we've recently been made aware of a rather substantial amount of unsanctioned and illegal distribution of our other fonts, especially in Europe, including commercial sale, without Readmes, of our fonts. We are not pleased. Yet we go on. Go ahead. Hit us again. And again.Ian Bent is the chairman of the Columbia University Music Department, who certainly deserves to have a font named after him, despite his British accent.