The attached font NATIONAL DOTTED FIRST FONT is Copyright [c] Roger White -
all rights reserved. This font is Freeware. Provided this font is used for
non-commercial purposes then no fee is payable to the author for it's use.
You may use this font yourself and may pass on copies to your friends
provided that the copy contains all of the files from the original package
as follows:-

Postscript Type 1 package - NATIONFD.ZIP contains:-


TrueType package - NATIONFD.ZIP Contains:-


Distribution of this font as part of a collection which has not been compiled
by the author, distribution for financial gain, or distribution on a disk
attached to a magazine is expressly forbidden except with the prior consent of
the author. Alteration of this font in any way, or conversion to any other
format is expressly forbidden. The Author is able to supply this font as
Postscript type 3 for PC, Nimbus Q, Typetype for Mac, Type 1 and Type 3 for
Mac, and Type 1 for Next. Please send a blank 3.5inch disk together with 1.0uk
pound to cover post and packing.

'NATIONAL DOTTED FIRST FONT' is a high quality font containing full hinting for
correct rendering at small point sizes and a total of 104 kerning pairs for correct
character spacing. It is supplied 'as is' and no waranty is implied or given by
the author. The font has been designed as an initial teaching font to aid in the
preparation of worksheets for children to 'trace' over the letters. It is suitable
for both headlines and body text, and should render well down to 14 point. The font
contains a full range of upper and lower case letters together with the figures
0 to 9, and a limited range of punctuation. It contains no diacritics. It was hand
traced in order to achieve a high quality outline and compiled using Fontographer
Version 3.5.2. This font represents aproximately 400 manhours of work.

The author would appreciate notification of any problems experienced with this
font together with any suggestions for improvments.

Roger White,
1, Owens Close,
WS15 2YH,