Kiwi Media Presents...


Another in the series of musical fonts.

Ultraworld is a font based on the logo of the more recent projects by The
Orb, the british ambient techno band. It's big, it's round, and it looks
pretty cool italicised or outlined (or both).

I've been asked why I do so many album cover fonts. Well, aside from the
fact that I listen to a lot of CDs, I find that some of the best graphic
design (and subsequently type design) ends up on the covers of various

And now the pitiful shareware plea: please send me money. $5 would be
nice. Whatever you can muster. As I usually say, the adoration of
countless women and interantional fame and fortune would be nice if you
can send that, but I'll settle for email if it's all you can afford. To
contact me about my snailmail address (which changes occasionally) send me
email at:

So what's with this Kiwi thing? Kiwi Media is a little computer arts
group I formed in the mid eighties so I had something to put in the
credits for the Apple // animations that I had been working on. Since
that time, it has grown to encompass almost two people and hold assets in
the dozens of dollars.


I'm also going to plug the UPL shamelessly right here: The UPL is the
University of Wisconsin's CS Undergraduate Projects Lab. It is a
completely student administrated and coordinated computer lab, a place for
students interested in learning programming and system administration can
work independently in an environment conducive to such activities. We
currently have three workstations (two DEC 5000s and an HP 9000) and a two
old HP's that we use for XTerms. If you know of any group interested in
donating equipment to this lab, which is one of only two or three such
labs in the world, please contact me. All our equipment is donated, and
we are completely non-profit (all time and effort is donated too).


Ok, enough of that. Here's a list of PC fonts currently in existence that
are made by Kiwi media:

Devotion: A font based on the brushstroke handwriting on the cover of dM's
"Songs of Faith and Devotion."

SinGothic: A cool fractured font extrapolated from the cover of the NIN
"Sin" single.

Ambient: A sort of elegant embellished sans font based on the cover of
the Moby album "Ambient."

Ultraworld: If you're reading this, you've got it.

Technobats: a collection of 26 dingbats, logoes of
techno/industrial/synthpop bands and some of their record labels.

Thanks for your support, and watch for more interesting and unusual fonts
and such from Kiwi Media. Suggestions and comments are appreciated.